Art by Marybeth Tereszkiewicz


Marybeth Tereszkiewicz is a modern renaissance woman; visual artist, dancer, actor, director, choreographer, filmmaker, and teacher of both Visual and Performing Arts.

In which ever avenue of expression she is working, Marybeth focuses on the same four aspects: dynamic energy/movement, interesting characters, compelling stories, and vibrant composition.

She performed as a professional dancer for over 20 years and Dance remains the core of her creations. The visceral experience of expressing emotions through the body is the fuel behind all her other work.

Ms. Tereszkiewicz has a Masters of Education in the Arts and has served for 25 years in San Francisco as the Chairperson of ICA High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Department.

If you are interested in any of her art please contact her at


Photo/Graphic design by Kevin Garvin